Jesse Jarzynka

Automation Engineer

Williamsville, NY

Selected Open Source Contributions

Personal Projects

Project Summary Language URLs
boom-client Library for controlling the Boom Equalizer software for Mac, reverse engineered from packet captures Python [1]
kisi-python Client and scripts for interacting with the KISI lock API Python [1]
Streaming Album Playlist Maker Script to create playlists from lists of album names for music services like Spotify Python [1]

Contributions to Other Projects

Project Summary Language URLs
linux-nfs [BUG] Caching bug in the readdirplus operation in the NFS client of the Linux kernel C [1] [2] [3]
Selenium [BUG] When a Windows client is killed, Grid nodes can leave sessions/browsers open indefinitely Java [1]
Appium [BUG] Can no longer specify browserName with Grid desiredcaps JavaScript [1] [2] [3]
Twine [ENHANCEMENT] Print the response content when upload fails Python [1]
Graylog/collector-sidecar [ENHANCEMENT] Specify OS when building packages so they can be built on Mac Ruby [1]
Golang service library [BUG] SysV init script can lead to multiple processes running Go/Bash [1] [2]
[ENHANCEMENT] Add support for loading environment variables from optional file Go/Bash [1]
BitBar [ENHANCEMENT] Add more advanced VPN status/connection script Bash [1] [BUG] Improve TRIGGER DURATION parsing logic Python [1]
Spotipy [ENHANCEMENT] Add cache_path as a parameter to prompt_for_user_token() Python [1] [2]
Falcon [BUG] Fix flake8 errors and add additional linting coverage as part of PyCon 2016 Open Source sprints Python [1]


Project Date Location URLs
Intro to pdb or: How I Found a bug in Requests 10/19/2017 Local Python Meetup [1] [2]