Photo of Jesse Jarzynka

Jesse Jarzynka

Senior Site Reliability and Automation Engineer

Experienced engineer with diverse background in automated testing, CI/CD, release engineering, systems administration, networking, and working remote. Obsessively curious, continuously learning new things, and looking for new challenges.

Work Experience

Disney Streaming

Lead Software Engineer

Aug 2022 - Present

Member of Core Infrastructure team


Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Oct. 2019 - Aug. 2022

Maintain and manage testing lab for all of VMware Security Business Unit (Carbon Black)

  • Helped spearhead effort to move entire lab across the country from Massachusetts to Washington State with almost no downtime or impact to users
  • Maintain large vSphere lab environment serving hundreds of engineers and thousands of VMs per week
  • Maintain core services for testing including multiple Jenkins servers, Gitlab, Artifactory, vSphere/vCenter, DNS/firewalls/networking, etc.
  • Migrate existing services to on-prem Kubernetes solutions using Tanzu (TKG)
  • Help users debug complex pipelines and automated testing workflows, as well as handle all issues that occur within the lab
  • Automate deployment of servers and services using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and containers
  • Automate common tasks and monitoring using scripts and CI/CD
  • Automate deployment and management of servers with Puppet/Ansible
  • Advocate for security across VMware and proactively look for improvements and weaknesses
  • Mentor and assist junior engineers

Carbon Black

Senior Software Development Engineer in Test

Aug. 2016 - Oct. 2019

Automation, continuous integration, QA testing

  • Helped design and implement automated testing suite for multiple products across Windows/Linux/Mac using Python/pytest, Docker, vCenter, and Jenkins w/Groovy pipelines
  • Automated existing manual test cases and test plans to free up manual tester time and provide more coverage
  • Worked with Release Engineering to hook automation and testing into the build process
  • Implemented Graylog (ELK) for log monitoring in test environments to monitor hard to find bugs and crashes
  • Assisted with containerizing the product with Docker in order to deploy on-demand test environments
  • Mentored existing engineers on best practices and provide code reviews
  • Evangelized and promoted automation across the company and leadership
  • Collaborated with developers on improving system quality and establishing efficient and thorough testing
  • Assisted DevOps and Systems Engineering teams on creating test environments, test labs, and consult on technologies and products used
  • Interviewed new hire candidates across roles


Quality Engineer

Sept. 2014 - Aug. 2016

Automation, continuous integration, QA testing

  • Authored and maintained scalable and expandable automated testing framework in Python for Selenium (web) and Appium (mobile) testing, as well as HTTP/REST/GraphQL integration testing
  • Added new automation, tests, and CI across many different areas of the product team and internal infrastructure, wherever needed
  • Provided code reviews and assistance to other Quality Engineers and Analysts
  • Helped maintain Hudl's AWS cloud infrastructure and participated in on-call rotation
  • Documented limitations and continually pushed for improvements to infrastructure and processes to increase testing consistency
  • Interviewed, graded projects, and helped hire dozens of candidates across all roles including interns, engineers, PMs, and VPs
  • Co-lead "Security Guild", focused on security related issues at Hudl, and best practices
  • Continually researched new technologies, testing frameworks, and libraries
  • Improved and pushed bug fixes upstream to open source projects Hudl uses
  • Mentored new employees

Avere Systems

Software QA Engineer

Feb. 2013 - Aug. 2014

Tested products and features to maintain quality and find bugs

  • Responsible for writing software automation for testing and debugging Avere products
  • Worked with developers finding, fixing, and verifying product bugs and solutions
  • Discovered weaknesses or enhancements that make the product better or easier to use
  • Wrote and improved existing test plans and documentation
  • Verified new product features are well tested and working properly before shipping
  • Worked with members of all levels of staff with limited supervision
  • Implemented Selenium web testing framework for cross-browser automation
  • Test focus areas: advanced networking, installation/upgrade, management and configuration, and GUI

Avere Systems

Customer Experience Engineer

Jul. 2011 - Feb. 2013
Pittsburgh, PA

Member of team of versatile support engineers handling all customer and internal support requests

  • Required to be resourceful and efficient in order to solve issues with minimal training or documentation
  • Utilizing a large variety of skill sets to take each issue from initial troubleshooting to resolution including log/statistic analysis, internal troubleshooting commands, OS debugging, packet capture analysis, internal process tracing and debugging, as well as engaging engineers when necessary
  • Required to discover root cause of each issue, including isolation to outside problems not related to the Avere product such as switch or routing problems, network bottlenecks, hardware failures, back-end storage communication, etc.
  • Direct customer interaction via phone, email, and desktop sharing resolving a wide range of issues from initial configuration, to performance analysis, to complex network/storage/product troubleshooting
  • Required to document, collect data, and reproduce issues in house if possible, providing engineers with as much information as possible to fix software issues
  • Providing feedback on product shortcomings, product enhancements, and customer pains
  • Interfacing with all aspects of company including sales, engineers, marketing, customers, devops, etc.
  • Trained new engineers as well as interviewing potential new candidates
  • Wrote tools and scripts for customer configuration, data analysis, and visualization
  • Documented common problems and solutions
  • Participated in weekly 24x7 on-call rotation

LocalNet Corp.

Linux Systems Administrator

Feb. 2009 - Jul. 2011
Buffalo, NY

Member of small team of administrators responsible for 300+ server infrastructure

  • One of only two local admins who were responsible for all server hardware installation, troubleshooting and maintenance including being trusted with full security access to all buildings, hardware, and software
  • Regularly on-call in rotation with other admins, as well as "hands-on" on-call for remote admins when hardware needs physical interaction or maintenance
  • Performed complete power audit of server infrastructure and found that power could be reduced between $13-15k per year by virtualizing physical servers
  • Created VMware ESXi infrastructure and began complete physical-to-virtual conversion of entire server infrastructure, even manually converting outdated servers that rely on unsupported hardware
  • Greatly improved server infrastructure by instituting RAID on core non-load-balanced servers as well as helped roll out completely customized Nagios monitoring system
  • Upgraded customer database from an outdated version of MySQL to new updated hardware with RAID w/BBWC, replication, optimized configuration settings, and appropriate tables converted to InnoDB from MyISAM with performance improvements of 500% in some cases, all with less than 3 hours of downtime
  • Set up new load-balanced webmail front end and customized distributed email system serving over 250,000 customers in order to institute server side email filtering, without any disruption to email delivery
  • Inventoried entire server infrastructure using open source software creating complete audit of hardware and software on all servers
  • Designed server hardware for digital signage distributed enterprise server product
  • Set up LTSP environment for the company’s call center, re-using old Pentium III desktop PCs distributed across multiple servers saving the company thousands of dollars on machines for tech agents, and giving complete control over what they can do and access
  • Designated “hardware guy” for all equipment, have built and troubleshot hundreds of servers in a completely heterogeneous environment from many different vendors
  • Responsible for documenting all completed projects as well as interviewing/training of new admins
  • Daily monitoring and support of email systems, distributed hosting environments, and disk/tape backups
  • Kept servers patched for vulnerabilities and compliant with TrustKeeper/Trustwave auditing
  • Dozens of upgrade/security maintenance windows performed during off hours, usually 2-6am, many times involving coordination with other departments

Ingram Micro

Technical Support Engineer II

Sept. 2006 - Feb. 2009
Buffalo, NY
  • Pre-sales infrastructure and design consultation with worldwide VAR accounts to design and configure solutions for business needs in the areas of networking, wireless, IP telephony, servers/blades, PCs, fibre channel storage, load balancing, and others
  • Post-sales configuration and troubleshooting of Cisco networks including routers, switches/chassis, voice gateways, firewalls, IP Telephony and Unified Communications, as well as Linux software deployments
  • Maintenance, configuration, and redesign of a fully functional internal enterprise network for hundreds of users including servers, tape libraries and SAN
  • Level 2 technician with responsibility of full knowledge of the supported products including escalations from level 1 technicians
  • Training for new technicians, licensing specialists, and re-sellers in person or via WebEx on all areas of technology including networking, systems/servers, storage, and power
  • Proactively discovering gaps in knowledge of the team and resolving via team or 1-on-1 training sessions
  • Provided feedback in multiple areas of Ingram Micro's business directly resulting in improvement of business operations, expenses, efficiency, and reliability including in house applications, remotely located servers and networking equipment
  • Leader in Ingram Micro's World Class Tech Support which is renowned worldwide as the best in distribution including consistently being voted #1 by CRN magazine and CompTIA; excelling in consistency, accuracy, and prompt response
  • Leader of the F5 Networks team including off-site training on BIG-IP from F5 in NYC
  • Installation and configuration of Windows Active Directory/IIS/Exchange servers

Cyber Source

Admin/System Builder/Web Developer

Jan. 2002 - Sept. 2006
Buffalo, NY
  • Linux systems administrator including configuration and regular maintenance of production e-mail, web, and backup servers
  • Website authoring and maintaining
  • Linux desktop installer including configuration of end user ready Linux machines for home or office use including VMware Workstation, Server, and Player
  • Configuration and installation of medium-sized office networks including LAN, WAN, and on-site calls
  • Building complete systems/servers unsupervised
  • Repairing and troubleshooting software and hardware errors of desktops/laptops


  • Programming - Python, Advanced
  • Programming - Bash, Advanced
  • Programming - PowerShell, Advanced
  • Programming - PHP, Perl, Java, Basic
  • Programming - Javascript, Basic
  • Programming - Ruby, Basic
  • Systems Administration - Linux, Advanced
  • Systems Administration - Windows, Experienced
  • Systems Administration - macOS, Experienced
  • Web Development - CSS/HTML/HTML5, Intermediate
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) (EC2, S3, Lambda, etc.)
  • Automated testing (Unit, Integration, End-To-End Testing)
  • Containerization/Orchestration (Tanzu (TKG), Docker, Kubernetes, etc.)
  • Continuous Integration (CI/CD) (Jenkins, TeamCity, GitLab CI, Travis CI)
  • Configuration Management (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt, etc.)
  • Graylog, ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)
  • Web Servers (Apache, NGINX, etc.)
  • Software Version Control (Git/Github/Gitlab, SVN, CVS, etc.)
  • JMeter load testing
  • Networking and packet analysis (tcpdump, Wireshark, firewalls, etc.)
  • Building servers/hardware from consumer to enterprise
  • Virtualization (VMware vCenter/ESXi, Hyper-V, Xen, OpenVZ, VirtualBox)
  • Agile Methodologies - Scrum, Kanban
  • Mail servers (Sendmail, Postfix, qmail, etc.)
  • Storage Networking (SAN, NFS, SMB, NAS, etc.)
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL

Open Source Projects


Script for pulling Covid data from the Williamsville Central School District daily updates and publishing them to public charts using Python for web scraping, and Pandas for data analysis


Library for controlling the Boom Equalizer software for Mac, reverse engineered from packet captures


Client and scripts for interacting with the KISI lock API

Streaming Album Playlist Maker

Script to create playlists from lists of album names for music services like Spotify

Open Source Contributions


Caching bug in the readdirplus operation in the NFS client of the Linux kernel

Jenkins - Pipeline: Job plugin

Console for multi-branch pipelines has gotten progressively slower over time


When a Windows client is killed, Grid nodes can leave sessions/browsers open indefinitely


Can no longer specify browserName with Grid desiredcaps


Print the response content when upload fails


Change dhparam positional args to be inherited vars, standardize naming


Specify OS when building packages so they can be built on Mac

Golang service library

SysV init script can lead to multiple processes running

Golang service library

Add support for loading environment variables from optional file


Add more advanced VPN status/connection script

Improve trigger duration parsing logic


Add cache_path as a parameter to prompt_for_user_token()


Fix flake8 errors and add additional linting coverage as part of PyCon 2016 Open Source sprints


Associate of Occupational Studies Information Technology - Computer Network Systems

ITT Technical Institute

2004 - 2006

Certifications and Training

CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate


Security Engineering on AWS training


Architecting on AWS training




Amherst Youth Basketball

2019 - Present

Coaching youth basketball and teaching teams to work together